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Tech recruiter is a privately owned company in Georgia that has been providing IT recruitment services for years. We provide intelligent recruitment solutions and offering permanent and contract opportunities throughout Georgia. We have a vast network of connections with local as well as international technology companies. Our company delivers all sorts of recruitment and staffing services.

We live in a technology world, which is increasing day by day. As these needs continue to grow so do job opportunities in the IT technology world. Tbilisi is a great destination for international companies. It's a solid ground for a successful business with it's very liberal economic policy, flat taxes, a minimal amount of licenses and permissions and very simple administrative procedures. It's a country full of talented, skilled and educated young people, full of enthusiasm. The majority of the population speaks fluent English and more importantly, the average salary is very low compared to other European countries. So whether you are thinking about expanding your company's borders or founding a business Tbilisi will be a perfect place for new opportunities in the technology field and Techrecruiter will help you achieve your goals in a new friendly and liberal environment.

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